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Engine Control Units are one of the core workings in any modern vehicle, failure of this device will often result in the vehicle refusing to function properly or at all. Although ECUs are sealed with a water tight adhesive, water damage is still the most common problem faced when dealing with faulty or damaged ECUs. Moisture is still able to leak into the control unit by bypassing the water tight seal and seeping through the loom. Other common ECU faults are listed below:

  • Short circuiting

  • Broken pins

  • Broken tracks on the PCB

  • Cold solder joints

  • Corrosion

  • There are many reasons why your ECU could be faulty. We can save you both time and money by determining the problem and fixing it for a fraction of the price of an ECU replacement. The list below is symptoms of a failing control unit:

  • Check engine light persists after resetting

  • Car was jump started on reverse polarity

  • Engine turning off randomly

  • Loss of injection pulse or fuel pump

  • Intermittent starting problems

  • Loss of communication between the ECU and the scanner

  • Control module memory checksum error